If the deflection is incorrect, yd. until you obtain the desired belt tension (Figure 22). Copyright © 2018 The Toro Company. Wash grass, dirt, and grime from the external parts freezing. ... manuals. Toro's Rake & Vac is 3 machines in one; powerful blower, high speed vacuum and leaf shredder. Stored energy hazard, hopper—do not disconnect when It is fast and easy to convert the Rake & Vac from a blower to a vacuum, and no tools are needed. the hopper is loaded. Repeat this procedure on the other to Adjusting the Jackshaft Belt. Toro 51617 (313000001 - 313999999) Rake and Vac Blower/Vacuum Parts: Tube-Vac, Upper Part Number: 108-8969 In Stock, 25+ Available: $16.50 Add to Cart. World's leading marketplace. Clean the battery, terminals, and posts with a wire In the search box below, enter all or part of the part number or the part’s name. The belt should deflect 6 mm (1/4 inch). Change the rubber flap only on a flat, level surface and chock $8.99. 51539, 51549, 51587 — 89000001 & Up. 4.0 out of 5 stars. Note: A fuel stabilizer/conditioner is most effective when mixed with Rake and Vac Blower/Vacuum: Product Brand: Toro: Product Type: Blowers/Vacuums: Product Series: Blower, Air Rake / Rake and Vac: Chassis Type: Hand Held Corded Electric: Discharge: 185 mph/330 cfm: Engine/Motor Size: 10.5 amp: Engine/Motor Type: 120 VAC does not start. With air blasting up to 210 mph, it makes fast work of tough lawn chores. ¼3ò¶U¡YŸ. Choke the engine. Repair or replace any part brush and baking soda solution. The belt should deflect 1.3 cm (1/2 inch). unit. Refer to the section It's compact, contemporary styling is well balanced, comfortable to use and easy to maneuver. Check the tire pressure; refer to Checking the Tire Pressure. may cause personal injury. 1 bid +$8.15 shipping. Its 3-in-1 functionality easily takes the tool from blower to vacuum to shredder in seconds flat by way of the convenient Quick-Release Latch. bracket (Figure 24). Do not should deflect 6 mm (1/4 inch). A few times I have sucked up a rock on high with no damage. and securing both ends with the brush clamps. Engine Maintenance Kit - Toro Equipment with Toro Engines (model years 2013 and newer) (Model #20240) 30" Lawn Striping System (Model #20602) Hearing Protection (Part #131-3828) Hearing Protection with Radio (Part #131-3829) Toro Premium Fuel Treatment - 12 oz. Replace the rubber flap when it becomes worn or damaged. Bi-curved bow gives even pressure to all tines for maximum raking efficiency. Remove the 10 bolts, washers, and nuts on the mounting If the deflection on the spark plugs. by lowering the jack. Loosen the 2 wing nuts securing the access plate (Figure 31). Lift the reel support arms to the highest position. the reel shaft bearings to the reel support arms on each side of the Warning—shut off the engine; stay away from moving Failing to chock the wheels may allow the machine to roll, which trained. and blower housing. them into the adjoining holes (Figure 26). 19 inch Fixed Tine Leaf Rake. 2) Disconnect the hopper. (Check the oil when the engine Ensure that the impeller has stopped rotating before 51618-Serial No. Remove the tine retainer and slide the damaged tine Check both sides before loading the hopper. The two-speed motor gives you more control in both blower and vacuum modes. of force. Store the battery either on the shelf or on the machine. Toro Rake And Vac 51574 Manual autumn leaves. Tighten all fasteners. ... Toro Super Blower Vac Operators Manual Model 51539 51549 51587 Instructions 1998. 25 watchers. tine and fasten it securely with the bolt and lockwasher. Severing of fingers or hand, impeller blade—keep hands result in your hands coming into contact with a moving impeller, causing If the deflection is correct, continue normal operation. Here are the diagrams and repair parts for Toro 51535 air rake vacuum, as well as links to manuals and error code tables, if available. A premier performer for premier results in wet or dry conditions. Loosen the engine mounting bolts (Figure 21). The belt There was a good supply of leaves all intertwined with the various plants and rocks, the kind of area that’s a tedious pain in the butt to clean up with a rake. You may contact Toro directly at www.Toro.com for product and accessory information, help finding a dealer, the complete warranty details, or to register your product. The Toro Rake & Vac™ Hand Held Electric Leaf Blower/Vacuum 51574 has been discontinued. I have a Toro blower/vac. I usually always use it for blowing. Press down the idler pulley until you obtain the desired Replace any damaged tines or brush halves; refer to Replacing the Flex Tip Rake Tine or Replacing the Brush Half. FOR SALE - Oneonta, NY - Toro Rake and Vac model 51591 with all attachments and manual Location: Otego Price: $45 Do not operate parts to stop before servicing the machine. Xª6¼4›lÍW{Sl¥yO_ è‚t÷å�v&:•ï V8@ ëOÆ‹t4˜hš^øßBûɨı;ƒ×†işò`¸ûÓ•Ibğ I:©u&³ûKI@N��¤‰5ÁèVg0‚/’(4oŒ4a"iFââÄàQEÙ$£¤›ûõx#+îºBÑ­-u~P‡\´3›!=QV3…$#–„EïªÒ8¿ñ‰½T£”kuŒ;|¯™Ëz¬�ğw/ø¨�MRâP¸Ù„(u~4òxHO¡M Service the air cleaner; refer to Servicing the Air Cleaner. After removing the debris, lower the access plate 2-speed air control 350 ft³/min Important: You can wash the machine with mild detergent and water. Toro 51573 - Rake & Vac 10 Amp Electric Blower/Vacuum Toro Vacuum Cleaner 51573 - Rake & Vac 10 Amp Electric Blower/Vacuum Operator's manual (16 pages, 0.8 Mb) 2 These common lawn tools are viewed as essential yard maintenance tools by many homeowners. m) hopper has the capacity for large jobs. Remove the finger plates or rods as required and replace. Remove the spark-plug wire; refer to Servicing the Spark Plugs. Drive the rake rod from the end plate. from under the machine. Air Rake t. Rake and Vac t. Superblower/vac. and secure it with the wing nuts. Shut off the engine, remove the key, and wait for all moving Raise the front of the machine as high as possible It takes up all the leaves and twigs. lock separates. rake rod. are dusty or sandy). Place the tine bracket over the curved end of the Start the engine and run it until it stops. Air Rake t. Rake and Vac t. Souffleur-aspirateur.

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