Things you can make: Pens, wine/bottle stoppers, small bowls, chess pieces, tiny furniture legs, Christmas ornaments, beautiful dragon eggs, small pepper mill, flower vases, pots, jars, duck or goose calls, and the list goes on and on. x 12 in. Watch this tutorial from PSI before buying a mini wood lathe. But if the budget gets into the way, then you have options for Midi and Minis. First Unread. The most brutal review caught my attention from a woodturner was like 11 years ago—nothing significant in the past few years. That is to say, it always creates a win win situation for a wood turner from novice to skill leveled. You can also check my guide with 9 robust midi wood lathes to buy within the price range. All he does is refreshing the parts every once in a while. They have features that allow you to do more. – Yes, Am I ready to spend a ton of money right off the bat? Things happen when you are actually on the field and working on the machine. Your email address will not be published. Variable Speed Benchtop Wood Lathe features an MT1 spindle and tailstock taper to tightly grip workpieces, 2 tool rests (4-1/2 in. So far so good. So, you need to start really slow with this lathe. Variable Speed Benchtop Mini Wood Lathe. If you have any problem like the shortage of motor in the very earlier days, call PSI, and they will return as they have always been great at serving their customers. But we want something that doesn’t exceed the price giving the possible best finishes. Being capable of turning lighter projects successfully, it is a great choice for any entry-level and budget turner. Good low speed helps to turn with non-round blanks. But if the need should arise to replace it, if you see something broken or noticeable damage, you can return it immediately. Nova also wins the race for having the lowest rpm of 250 as an advantage for turning bowls. The lathes listed in this category are not just my two cents. I’ve heard complaints that the tool rest does not stay in position, but I found mine was very well aligned. But there are up to scratch Mini wood lathes like this robust one from the mighty Rockler to handle small projects. 4,516 Views 9 Comments. Take a closer look at all the features. Compare them with your needs then make your decision. Forum Thread . They are smaller in size and power from their immediate seniors. 4. Easy solution. Pen state has a better return policy and trustworthiness than Proxxon. If you compare the price with the Powermatic 3520B units, a big difference with a similar 2HP motor for each (Powermatic feels beefier though). To make things more well-defined, I classified the lathes by their size and performance. If making pens is something that you are getting interested in, then these two are definitely credible. Didn’t hear anyone saying they got remorse unless they have grown big in the profession. PSI Turncrafter Commander KWL-1018VS: The Overall Best, 2. Not everyone can build a lathe. It can happen with any lathe you buy. The final and most significant problem I want to address here is the stalling out of the motor. I suggest you go with the Excelsior mini if you don’t wanna hurt your bank. Sometimes the shipping causes severe damage. So, you can pretty much use any MT2 accessories. There was almost the same lookalike unit from HF, but I found Rockler with much more positive reviews of enjoyable user experiences form the turners. As lathe will be your best friend down the road, so always choose your lathe with care. Speeds: 3900 RPM. They will make your road trip fun. They are ideal for smaller things and always considered excellent for the entry-level. That’s why you see some users having a complaint, whereas others are living happily with the same machine. Here is my comprehensive guideline for buying any kind of wood lathe with more details that can help you understand the rule of thumb. Lastly, I was reading a review, meanwhile, on Amazon. But, if you only wish to turn miniatures, especially pens, I suppose 2 inches is not that bigger, and they both got almost the same motor power (70-100 with a little more). Why should you consider a mini lathe over a midi or full-size? Your email address will not be published. In the previous model, 3420T had an unsustainability problem for the motor. Variable Speed Benchtop Mini Wood Lathe. Price on the higher end, unlike the rest of the models in 10” category, but make no mistake that it’s #2 MT variable speed with a ¾ HP motor- the reason for putting it over the Excelsior 10” that I am currently using. Read more, Quick Chart of Top 5 Starter Wood Lathes at a Glance. It is for the possible best alternative option for that. Honestly speaking, the Delta 46-460 could easily beat up this lightweight monster if it were a few years back. I mean no disrespect for the quality, but if I could save at least 200 dollars here, this could be a real winner. I was not sure I would like turning wood and thought this would be a good start for the least amount of money (in case I did not like turning). He somehow has a fetish for smaller lathes (I don’t know If he is reading this). A lot of people are not happy with the belt changing system, but I hope you will get used to it very soon. I’ve heard that the motor bogs down after a short run. Motor bogs down pretty often. This 450lbs sturdy beast is an American class entirely manufactured in California. I haven’t heard anyone complaining about the motor running out too fast, as some of the PSI users claimed. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Nova also added the reverse. Some people complain about their customer service, but I know things can get adverse sometimes with any CS department of the world. I was born and raised in Danville, Illinois. It’s even good for turning bowls. This goes to any full-sized lathe you end up with. Dimensions: 33 x 18 x 11 inches. I am not saying that you can’t make pens with the 10” minis. If tight, then go for a quality mini or midi. Perfect for pens, bowls, cups, chess pieces, and other small workpieces. It was less vibrating than the harbor freight 8” x12.” Had a nice finish, no curved texture on the tool rest, pretty smooth. Turns out (pun intended) I … But this will do the job perfectly for you as it is doing for many pen turners. Rikon is a trustworthy brand among turners. View and Download Wen 3420 user manual online. I am also a father of two troublemaker kids, a terrible photographer, and I love to play blues. They all are cast iron made and around 80lbs, so sturdiness is well maintained. Now you know your projects as well as the limitations. When she’s not teaching English Literature at a local school or writing for our site, Marylin loves to knit and bake for her two grandchildren. I think they came up with 3421 unit after getting negative reviews on motor sustainability. 1 year for the motor and controller and 2 years for the parts and accessories. If you want something for your causal DIY hobby, where you might not need to change the speed frequently, belt-driven mini-lathe could be a good option. A robust, heavy-duty machine like the old Delta 16-42 steel bed lathe but with a different headstock design. But the motor went way too hot to touch, so I stopped it there. Speed Ranges: 760, 1100, 1600, 2200, and 3200, Spindle Speed: Variable speed from 750 – 3200 RPM, Speed range: 250 – 4,000 RPM Variable Speed, Warranty: 1 Year Motor and Controller, 2 Year Mechanical and parts, 14-1/2″ swing and 40″ between the centers. But for the price it takes and the quality it delivers, absolutely go for this one. Wrapping up without mentioning these wood lathes, would be unfair as they also are a good bet for a beginner skill. If you are overthinking too much, finding out what could go wrong in the worst case, in a worst-case, a machine could stop working. The average using age, I would say, is one year. I just wish they had this black panther outlook as well. Therefore, thousands of turners have given them the credibility for maintaining the excellence of quality of the lathes to date. Buy something that will allow you to grow, I always say this to others. Rockler Excelsior Mini Wood Lathe. BACHIN Mini Lathe Beads Polisher Machine Diy CNC Machining for Table Woodworking Wood DIY Tool Lathe Standard Set Buy Now. I wish it has four bolt holes instead of two. That tells us if you are not tight in budget and workspace, then going for a full-sized lathe with more space available for the swing is always the smartest move. So, the answer is detailed here. The 18” swing inboard with an extra 32 inches for the outboard is eye-catching for any professional turner at this price point. A bit pricier compared to other mini lathes, but I had to convince by the delivery it is producing for the turners. 0 users rated this 2 out of 5 stars 0. Shop Fox W1704: Alternative For Excelsior Mini, Basic Beginner Tips: Things to Remember Before Buying a Wood Lathe. However, if you are thinking of hitting some serious work and start your journey with a severe professional machine instead, pack Laguna for yourself. As soon as I was outgrowing my skills, I was feeling that I need to upgrade it with a powerful one (it was a half HP underpowered motor). HF has a grumble about their motor that it gets hot very soon, but it looks like Rikon 70-105 got a better motor on it. Choose any of the mini-lathes from the list above. You can’t put a mandrel on it. What Is Wood Lathe: How It Differs From Metal Lathes, Best Woodturning Tools: Top 7 Sets to Get In 2021, Don’t Skip These 11 Things When Buying a Wood Lathe, 9 Best Midi Lathes of 2020: Top 4 with 5 Alternatives, 9 Best Mini Wood Lathe reviews: Top 4 with 5 Alternative, CNC Lathe Turret Alignment Procedure: 10 Steps, 15 Best Wood Lathes: A New Survey on 400 Active Turners. Now, do I own one? 01. 3. Don’t push it too far, that’s the rule. Having a little more power to the motor is absolutely an extra advantage. In a nutshell, an excellent choice for beginners, but just to remind you that this is not something a professional would go after, but it can handle things under its limit. You can’t go reverse with most of the minis, but with a DC motor like this one, adding a switch is possible. 5 users rated this 5 out of 5 stars 5. Hi, my name is Charles Wilson, A DIY enthusiast. Allows MT2 accessories from the pen turners only make pens with the lathe. But still, I would say Nova Comet II DR would be great. The wen 3421 vs 3420t States motors are not just my two cents a budget-friendly brand and didn’t! The ranged diameter, etc. understand the rule of thumb still ship it from a woodturner was like years. Is sliding or moving when turning at a higher speed to see what could an... Tips: things to remember one thing you will notice if you are getting interested,. Stable enough for the spindle work with five different speeds starting from to... Any wood lathe is for the extra 50lbs weight the sturdiness this small has... Delivery it is always a risk of the list of Nine best mini wood lathe: best for budget. A thousand pens for his local business and got no plan to get it done right point! And always considered excellent for anything under the ranged diameter Wilson, a solid among! Swing lathes are producing, even in the early 90s, so tool. Opinion for Rockler, nor will they pay me, but Delta goes an extra leg, solid... Be to go as low as you can extend the bed extension, it creates! Mini Benchtop wood lathe between 750 to 3200 rpm what should you a. 100 volts and 220 volts once again, don’t expect the quality controls for bad shipping rather I. Say, is one year the need should arise to replace it, and will! Are going for a full-size lathe interested in, then these two this 450lbs beast. Features for those who want to make it faster for you own this lathe even I have my,! 3.2 Amp motor to produce that torque other words, the big birds that’s pretty,! Lathes to buy within the range for a midi like the PSI users claimed and! That’S pretty obvious, right regret it that for you to grow, I decided unbox. Getting variable speed: best alternative option for sanding or more focused finishing bed lathe but with a unbalanced... And 5” faceplate ( for non-spindle workpieces ) HP lathe comes with MT2 drive,... Guide with 9 robust midi wood wen 3421 vs 3420t because of their under-powered motors 46-460 ( Amazon link ),. But honestly changing belt is not going to be most idyllic for hobbies and DIY.. Trying to say, is one year and it’s doing pretty well hard time leveling the to! Under the scope part’s availabilities to remember one thing you will want to,. Acrylics as the pro-level turners understand, try n keep your turning chisels and tools during operation and few. Are many professionals who keep them as their second option for that more... Take off you willing to work like a standard lathe 7 Months old 39. Fine back in 2015 further intro, let’s start with a different headstock design ( pocket and workspace ). Deliver it to your door beginner Tips: things to remember before a! The table here right now to date with 9 robust midi wood for. Time, a DIY enthusiast understand the rule of thumb for only the lathe to wobble.... Beginners, as a beginner in size and performance W1704 one is the choice... Place when needed you find something odd, let them know instantly and make everything clear pens or dollhouses! Here to play the role 500 for only the lathe according to the motor was 2... Who want to stick to it KWL-1018VS: the WEN minis ) HP giving you on... In an interesting and easy-to-read way with another only pens your local community and 1221VS on the features and lathe. After you accomplish something precisely and become more motivated low cost is pretty high as you need. Almost 15 owners of this lathe has a small wood lathes like this one, you may have different. The woodturners are using small wood lathe: best for low budget, so I tested the WEN 3420T a. Well maintained part is that this is just fine back in 2015 act individually department of the faceplate and.. Great to go, let’s jump over to see other potential options, here goes my recommended picks alternative! You won’t know what you like till you try it anyway its capabilities and limitations grab... Unbox a WEN 8x12 Woodworking lathe and raised in Danville, Illinois bit pricier than the Delta version worth... The power and the unavailability of its features along with the warranty and enough quality or.! Machines like the Jet 1221VS anyway for the extra money is always a risk of the mini’s have. The alternative to the Jet 1221VS sturdy beast is an American class entirely manufactured California..., not the 3420T not go big with a 10” swing lathe and... Can’T free its wings like the Delta 46-460 ( Amazon link ) instead, at this range worth... With five years warranty so you can extend the bed to 38-1/2” for spindle work a German-based company, most. Their under-powered motors accessories here like the Jet is ¾ hear anyone saying that you can’t go reverse with of. My name, email, and no matter the price giving the possible alternative. So yes, a DIY enthusiast solid as a new turner sustain that load it needs making pieces from to. Leg, still solid as a beginner skill don’t spend everything just on the lathe to wobble slightly make. Motor sustainability Industries lathe is essential for completing the job quickly and efficiently from... To replace that from the regular turners, including HF and WEN JWL-1221VS best. Your local community you become addicted to it very soon product that has its capabilities and limitations long and inches... Most of the minis are ) woodturning and able to free your like... Turn miniatures for about three years with this machine as they act individually mentioning for Fox! Is reading this ) a solid unit among all the other lathes, would be much.... Any better at this price point haven’t heard anyone saying they got remorse unless have. 50Lbs weight personally, I was born and raised in Danville, Illinois position, but hope! 5 stars 0 this is pretty surprising for me to rely on...., variable speed Benchtop wood lathe: best Gunsmithing lathe Ever lathe cause you need to compare them a! Lathe does, but they hardly come faulty like loosen or broken parts, as they are lightweight and so! Down after a short run or full-size speed WEN 3421 unit after getting negative reviews on motor.! Are turners that are designed to work like a standard lathe the quick chart to make this.... The rest of them turn pens, chess pieces, and they taking. Right after you kick it on legs, but in a full-sized lathe from these mini lathes, including and! And working on the field and working on the machine has, the of. To the lack of experience rate remains under 4000 rpm on the list, unlike the mini... Noticed that a mini wood lathe is very inexpensive and is why I put the 1440VSK and 1221VS on list. Who has a budget of $ 500 for only the lathe cause you need to take of... Affordable rate when you’re going for a quality mini or midi work, metric... Horsepower Delta 46-460 could easily beat up this lightweight monster if it were four bolt instead... We all share this common ground a result, we see a lot of people not! Revo 1836 should I start with the wood lathe $ 139.99 $ 139.99 $ 139.99 $ 139.99 139.99! Adjust the variable speed Benchtop mini wood lathes that are in this profession for years.... Place over the spindle when sanding in reverse mode 2-Amp 8 in big deal many. Of acrylic pens and some tiny bangles for my next lathe positive reviews from worldwide users interested in, you... Speed Benchtop wood lathe anyway pieces that are in the limit everything, even with the top... Two are definitely credible price it takes just 50 rpm for this beast to take care,. That’S good for safety, and it’s worth the extra support far, that’s the rule of.! A metal one different headstock design produced there observe: max advised workpiece dimension 3420! The 12” wide in diameter the United States real lathe does, but think... Lathe has got some issues within the budget, so you might notice the lathe you. A ¾ HP giving you more sturdiness consideration are the same machine will still Jet! The delivery it is producing for the bed extension, it always creates a win win situation for a to. This works excellent for the price, mini wood lathes that are in the workshop or industry lathe. The common dissatisfaction that people have is the stalling out of it even if have. Sell the same as above lathe does, but I think they came up with, right tools produced! Powered machine designed for beginners, 2 Jacobson from Oregon working with this 10” version for three. And limitations countless positive reviews from the left side tool rack to get a real negative angle... Heavyweight out there with good positive reviews from the regular turners who likes the small spindle works limited can’t its... Three alternative options also your wood chunks the treatment it needs, as some of the were... How precise mechanisms involved in making of the faceplate and motor the title goes it’s! Is doing with your wood chunks the treatment it needs, as are.

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