Here is the link to GT. Hi Paul, The YTH22V46 will hold up fine for what you want to do. Finally here is the parts page for the trans. Hi Tommy, I really don’t know what tractor to suggest. Husqvarna YTA24V48 24V Fast Continuously Variable Transmission Pedal Tractor Mower, 48"/Twin Visit the Husqvarna Store. Features such as fender-mounted cutting height adjustment, adjustable seat and an ergonomic steering wheel make these tractors simple and comfortable to operate. Check out the service manual on this page: Service manuals. I have a 2014 T3000 also. The actual part that changes the speed is the variable speed pulley up on top. The brands only rate their riding mowers for 15 degree slopes or less. Please clarify. I started having problems with misfires and running rough in August of 2014 and had 2 service calls to clean the carburetor. Your price: $ 28.26. I took it to the dealer and he told me that the whole trany would need replaced not fixed because of the sealed case. I bought the YTA24V48 locally to replace my old Crafstman garden tractor that was on it's last legs. I want to buy a seal, but everywhere I get the answer that I can only complete a gear. The 20390 turns shorter so if you have a lot of trimming it is a better choice. Hi Dan, I don’t know the difference between a K57 and a K46. Crucial information which surprisingly is little know by sellers. Simplicity/Snapper is owned by Briggs so you won’t find a Kohler in them. The framework of the lawn mower is black and orange which proves to be refreshing to the eyes. The rearward end does not show a washer or cotter pin. At this point, I’m comparing the Craftsman 25583 ($1,399) and the Poulan Pro PP20VA46 Model 960420188 ($1,499), which I believe both have the General Transmissions RS 800 CVT. This includes sitting at idle not moving or full bore mowing. @Rome, Tough Question. St Louis , Mo I had a craftsman lawn tractor 917272082, 17 hp, automatic which went shot craps after 15 years. I do remember it uses a special fluid inside the tranny. That’s why it makes noise in reverse. It had came out of the transmission. I hated using a hydrostatic unit for plowing. Tire pressure is 12 lbs in rear. I also had leading grease from the left rear axle and replaced the seals on both axles. The Craftsman ProSeries 27048 50″ 26 HP V-Twin Kohler Garden Tractor w/ Locking Differential Sold online through So I bought a Ariens 19 hp Briggs that looked to be very new. Go to this website and go through their troubleshooting. It’s not variable like the hydro and is slow. I noticed last season that the tranny box makes more noise than it did when I bought it. Unlike Hydrostatic Transmissions there are no pumps, motors or hydraulic oil to wear out. You will notice it on hills in particular. Is the auto cvt transmission the new v element Let Jack’s help make your lawn mower repair or maintenance easier by using our lawn mower belts cross reference to the left. Joined Jul 14, 2014 Threads 1 Messages 3. Or a very good replacement transmission? Paul, I’m looking for some info on a craftsman 20391 tractor… is there an “adjustment” on the transmission? A regular K46 or similar transmission just won’t fit. Model Series. Finally, there are no clutch packs inside the case. Thanks Paul, no wonder it didn’t move when I got it wet from washing under the machine. Previous | … General Transmissions Service. Their compact size makes them easy to maneuver and require less space for storage. I never use the cruise control. Thank you. Then go to Second, the reverse is more on/off. I like the features of both. It’s still on the trailer, put gas in but never even started it yet. I know that the more I press the gas the higher the motor RPM and the motor HP output increases. If you watch eBay and other sites you may be able to find a trans from the Craftsman Revolution. I have also cleaned all the debris from the top of the tranny. Fabricated Deck 25-HP V-Twin Kohler Gas Hydrostatic Garden Tractor with Diff-Lock, Craftsman ProSeries 27048 50″ 26 HP V-Twin Kohler Garden Tractor w/ Locking Differential, Craftsman ProSeries 27055 54″ 26 HP Garden Tractor with TurnTight Extreme® & Smart Lawn Technology, Craftsman Model 20380 42″ 6-speed 19HP Briggs & Stratton Turn Tight® Riding Mower, Craftsman Model 25583 46″ Fast Auto 19HP Briggs & Stratton Turn Tight® Riding Mower,, 2014 Craftsman T3400 Model 20393 54 in Yard Tractor Review -, 2014 Craftsman T3200 Model 20391 48 in Automatic 22 hp Yard Tractor Review -, 2014 Craftsman T3000 Model 20390 42 in Automatic 22 hp Yard Tractor Review - 724cc V-Twin Briggs Platinum - I also areate my yard 1 or 2 times a year, my old craftsman mower would slow down when I’m about finish. I have one in my Craftsman 22hp – it is about 4 years old or so. It will give you long life for mowing, snow removal and yard work. Thanks Paul, for the info. Deere is using the RS400, not the RS800. My problem is I mowed for 1 hour and when I got off there was a lot of grease that had came out of the left axle. Hello Paul! Fast & Free shipping on many items! Had to return to shed in reverse,but very slow. There is a belt installation guide on the bottom side of the left footrest. The first thing to fail is generally the forward clutch pack, which gives a shudder on take off when faulty. General Transmissions has made quite a few improvements to it since it first came out. it was used when I got it but it still had the look of brand new everything including nubs on the tires. That said, If you normally mow that hill and the lawn tractor is more than a year old the first thing I would do is change the drive belt. These are not step hills more like slopes. The forward, reverse speed and braking is controlled one lever on the right side fender. The replacement was exactly the same with the same dimensions, mounting points and pulley.My mower now goes about half the speed as new. Any suggestions? En gage parking brake. It has parts ordering info and the service manual. I am near 400 lbs. I will make a point of keeping the top of the trans clean. No-Spill 1450 5-Gallon Poly Gas Can I also use 2 tablespoons per gallon of Sea Foam when I go buy the fuel. Note: Use keywords or part numbers instead of full sentences for best results. Need to purchase a new tractor for a lawn about 3/4 acre. To stop pull the lever back to the middle position. You can tell the difference by the shift. This is a budget machine I am sure, but it will suit the job I have at present which is around 1000 sqm of flat lawn. Part Category. $23.19 Part Number: 589671401. Previous | … You have the “Model 2014 Craftsman T2600 Model 20385 46 in Hydrostatic 19 hp Yard Tractor” on your CVT list, and yet its name contains the word “hydrostatic.” So which is it? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. We Sell Only Genuine Husqvarna Parts. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Husqvarna YTH Manual Online: To Replace Mower Blade Drive Belt. It has no warranty as it is a non dealer import. Hi Babu, Unfortunately, I can’t help you. The Poulan Pro’s at both Home Depot and Amazon all have Briggs. In fact, for 2016 there are almost three times as many tractors with this transmission as there was in 2014. I have a husqvarna YTA22V46 with 80 hours on it — transmission is broken — my father has a husqvarna YTH22V46 that he has worn out but the transmission is in good shape — my question is can the YTH22V46 transmission be removed and installed in the YTA22V46 that is still in good shape except for the junk transmission that it came with ? No options available. Don’t pull the tranny apart. Hi Paul, I do not see them on their website. GT Support Page. Whether it’s a deck, drive or PTO replacement belt for your Husqvarna lawn tractor you need, … CVT is not new or unproven technology. I keep mowers for 4-5 and try to resell before the hours get up there. I am handy enough I could probably figure out how to replace the CVT myself. Mine jammed yesterday. The forward gears are helical cut but the reverse gears are straight cut. Price $66.30. If you have an air compressor get up under the machine and blow the top of the transmission off. Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. I won’t support Deere anymore. The models with CVT are 20385, 20390, 20391, 20393. I’m not going to comment about Sears service. My 42” T3000 2014, has 71 hours on it and the Trans has to be replaced. There is a link to the parts manual for the transmission but that’s not your problem:There are service manuals halfway down the page. @Graham, Husqvarna make the CVT tractors for Craftsman. Watch this video to see the testing this transmission went through before the first one was sold. I got out and mowed the yard today, it was a little different to get use to the different transmission. Mar 18, 2019 #1 Hi All - I'm new to the forum and am hoping to get some insight on what might be going on with my Husqvarna 22V46. This tranny is great if all you do is mow on flat surfaces. TRANSAXLE COOLING The transmission fan and cooling fins should be kept clean to assure proper cooling. Just call 1-800-4MY-HOME and get a tech out to fix it. After an hour of mowing the CVT transmission slips until it can’t be ran. Unfortunately, the gearbox is broken, with only one half driving. Needless to say after 4 weeks I received a ~$270 bill, again, with the issue not being covered by warranty. Husqvarna YTA24V48 - 96045005400 (2015-07) DRIVE Exploded View parts lookup by model. It’s almost like having cruise control, and when I turn at the end of a pass, I can just ride the clutch…which just loosens the idler on the drive belt. Hi Daniel, This is so unlike John Deere’s service that I first thought you were dealing with Lowes 3rd party service contractor at first. They look very similar. If you mow in dusty conditions, the belts will slip. I bought the Craftsman T 3000 in April 2014. This one is a very good price this week. View more. Then, “sorry Sir, this is no longer under warranty”. You do not need to depress that pedal to shift the tractor. Ok, I just bought a yt3000 with no/very slow reverse and very slow forward, found the problem to be the variation belt was pretty much worn out. Add to cart. Interesting that the replacement was beat up. En español Live Chat online. Filter & Refine Results Enter model number for best results. You can go to this page and there is a repair manual for the trans and videos. To be accurate it is a Husqvarna Yard Tractor with GT RS-800 Fast Transmission, B&S Intek Engine, standard 16 inch steering radius and Husqvarna’s 3 blade 48 inch deck. It also helps if you then press on the left pedal, that releases the tension on the drive belt allowing the trans to completely free wheel. We have manuals, guides and of course parts for common YTA24V48/96045005200/2015-07 problems. You get a better tractor with the Craftsman. Hi Burt, the 25583 is a decent tractor. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. 4. It may be worn just enough so that it works on level ground but will slip under heavy load like going uphill. Plastic burning everywhere. The dust cover/updated primary variator improvement helps with primary variator and control system issues (caused by dirt and debris) but it is not a cure. If it’s really dry stuff gets up in there and make the linkages stiff and hard to use. Any suggestions? It was also used on the Craftsman Revolution Lawn Tractor (2009). It is sad that Craftsman quality has become so poor. Hi, paul Husqvarna: Ask & Answer public. On the other hand, several consumers complained that the mower’s transmission tended to have issues often. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. At 70 degrees they are quiet, but at other temperatures they make noise. CVT Automatic Transmissions – Simple to use, ideal for all terrain. Hi Paul. They will be glad to help. And also, “I’ve replaced a lot of these since the internal parts are all plastice”. If the trans sticks or locks up next time please take an air hose, leaf blower, etc and clean the top of the trans completely. In the automotive field CVT trans are not well regarded, kinda like a Volvo IPS sterndrive in a boat. For as sis tance, there is a belt installation guide decal on bottom side of left footrest. Unfortunately, most repair shops won’t take the time to remove the tranny, clean it and/or replace the parts. Well i put aprox 20 hrs on the machine and I noticed grease on the left inside rear wheel. YTA24V48, 96045005200, 2015-07 CATALOG SEARCH. 90% of the time there is nothing wrong with your transmission – the top is just full of debris. It reduced the leakage, but not completely. The linkage between the right side forward/reverse pedal seems to be a weak link. Product Type. You don’t have to do anything – the transmission automatically sets the parking brake each time you move the pedal to neutral. If you do have problems write back. The dilemma is that all the manual or reliable CVT transmissions seem to be on low end models. Cub Cadet had a zero-turn tractor like yours but they used two hydrostatic transmissions instead of the IVT. 25-HP V-Twin Kohler Gas Hydrostatic Garden Tractor with Cub Connect Bluetooth, Cub Cadet GT 54 in. They are different than the U.S. sold products. Husqvarna: Husqvarna YTA24V48, 96045005200, 2015-07 Parts Diagrams. The new belt is not Husqvarna, but is listed as an OEM replacement. Hydro – TuffTorq K46. What do you think, better change to other type of transmission? Click here for more information. Hi L.Reid, Yes, It sounds like you broke the drive lever on the top of the trans. I like the features of both. Second cut of the season and yesterday the pedal kept … @Mike, The 98643 uses the new CVT. I just ordered a 20390 over the 20381 based on this article. So as soon as the part comes in I will get on the project for you. (If you bought the protection plan it is covered for 3 or 5 years) Don’t mention the whining, the tech can hear that when he gets to your home. Thank you for the info provided. The mower will stop for just a quick second them kind of 'pop' back into 'gear' and return to the speed the hydrostat lever is set to. Complete exploded views of all the major manufacturers. Thanks Paul, I think I’m locked in on the Craftsman per your recommendation. General Transmissions Service. Can I assume that if I ever get a proper working trany that it will work? I suggest that you talk to a local repair shop and see if they can help. I have done internet searches for this issue and have only found a few postings with the same problem. Husqvarna YTA24V48 (96045005200) (Drive 2015-07) Riding Lawn Mower Replacement Belt Original Equipment Manufacturer Husqvarna OEM Part Number 197253 Machine Riding Lawn Mower Model YTA24V48 (96045005200) (Drive 2015-07) Belt Type 4LK/AK Kevlar VBG Replacement Id APPL672192 Technical Specifications: (Inches) (mm) Outside Circumference 101.00 2565.40 Top Width 0.50 12.70 Belt … Only 13 left in stock - order soon. I see that the Craftsman 20380 (6-speed manual) would be the equivalent to what I’ve been using, but have to wonder how well built it is. Hi Paul, I found your site after a fruitless search for clues for a solution to a recent transmission “noise” in my 2016 Husqvarna. it is a holiday place so the lawn can grow 150mm (6 inches) between mows. So many of the parts are interchangeable between the four brands. Consumer Reports rates the cut of the 46 inch 2 blade deck a lot better than the 48 inch 3 blade Husqvarna/Craftsman deck. I’m worried the case will fracture at some point. Now that my unit is out of warranty, if the transmission goes out again, I will not invest $1000 in another transmission. When the parking brake is on the noise quits. Last august I completely drained and cleaned the fuel tank to remove any water or dirt and replaced the fuel filter. It looks as if I will have to pull the body off to get to it. The Sears online description simply says “automatic.” I like Kohler engines but I really don’t want a hydrostatic. Today’s automatic transmissions in Craftsman Yard Tractors are ideal for any type of terrain. I bought a D105 June 2014. So my question is: Is it worth about $100 a year to not worry about any problems you may have with your Yard Tractor over the next 5 years? Trying to get a grasp on the transmissions types. can you … It is a CVT derailleur tractor, not a belt, but a disc. Husqvarna. Details: I have had the YTA18542 tractor for almost a year. Have one to sell? Ok thanks, Paul…I’ll let you know what they tell me! Both have the RS800 tranny but the 960420188 is a lighter tractor. It’s a job but it may just be full of debris up on top. Help me find my model number. I could not feel a hole in the tranny attachment point for cotter key but does make sense to have something there. The Yard tractors like the Craftsman Model 25583 46″ Fast Auto 19HP Briggs & Stratton Turn Tight® Riding Mower are made bu Husqvarna and use the General Transmissions RS 800 CVT. Hi Troy, if you only used it 6 times why would the technician say it’s out of warranty? Same performance . Is there another Deere dealer you can go to? (not LGT) they have a stronger transmission that will handle more weight than normal lawn tractors. The Parts List shows this info: “Transaxle, Variator, SD Pedal (590277601) (Order parts from transaxle manufacturer. The transmission is removed and worked on from the bottom of the mower. Would be most grateful for any advice you or your readers may be able to provide. This transmission is sealed and never needs maintenance. That said. I”m looking at 917203900 , 22 hp B@S motor, 42″, automatic and the craftsman pro 20438, kohler 20 hp 42″, hydrostatic. If that’s the case – replace the belt. You have to go to a Deere dealer to their parts. Worst attribute: Breaks traction on slopes too easy, esp when in a turn (whimpy tread on turf tires? Another question I pondered, is if adding a few mils oil to the pre 2015 transmission units would be helpful, if the later 2015 on units have had a larger reservoir added. Login to your to view your saved list of equipment. Many of them make more noise in reverse. If I do choose a yard tractor over a garden tractor I would like one with a CVT transmission – simple seems to be best (IMO). If comes with a Rs 800 or Rs 400 transmission? Thanks for your reply. @L.Reid, Thank you so much for letting us know! The (perceived) problem I am coming noticing now is a groaning/humming noise in reverse. Most mechanics don’t know this tranny and just tell you it’s bad. MTD OEM-754-04060 Replacement 42-Inch Tractor Deck Drive Belt, Black 4.5 out of 5 stars 246. First one leaked oil (exchanged it), second one made terrible engine noise (exchanged it). If you have a farm tank make sure the interior is not flaking. I suggest using an air compressor to get up on the top and blow all the debris out. I’ll compare it to the 48 inch Craftsman 20391 @ $1899 and the 46 inch Craftsman Pro 20442 @ $2199. If you can’t get up under it then the transmission drops out the bottom by removing the wheels, the 4 bolts that hold it in the frame, and a couple of linkage pins. Hi Shane, You have found one of the only real differences in the two models. This bulletproof transmission from General Transmissions is designed for high performance and low maintenance. If that doesn’t fix the problem then please go to General Transmissions. Note: Use keywords or part numbers instead of full sentences for best results. In fact it doesn’t even show to where it connects to the transmission. Hello. I have a Craftsman 7000 Pro Series lawn tractor, model # 917.986410 which I bought in 2014. This tractor is very similar to your old tractor. Bob from NY. Luckily I have an extended warranty from Home Depot and part of me is hoping that it does fail one more time as then they will replace it as part of their lemon policy. Hi Paul – On my 2013 RS800, I replaced the outer axle seals to address the shaft leakage issue only to find that after a few mows, the left shaft was leaking again – and transmission grease is being deposited on the tires. If rested, the machine runs fine for another hour. NUT … Hey Paul, Buy New Replacement Deck Drive Belt for Husqvarna YT48CS YTA24V48 YTH1848 YTH23V48 YTH2348 YTH2448: Special Drive - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Use our part lists, interactive diagrams, accessories and expert repair advice to make your repairs easy. If you are stumped feel free to contact them and they will be glad to help. They don’ understand it has gears instead of pumps so it will sound different. You can also use a leaf blower and then wash it with a garden hose. I asked about the automatic and everyone thought it was still a hydrostat trans relabeled. The brake is not required to slow the machine, but I have been slow to release the brake while pushing the speed control foot pedal, one can feel the quite the unit snap into it’s drive mode, can that cause damage? There is a reason why you can’t cut the reverse gears helical but I can’t remember. Thanks for your reply. Click here: Trans linkage. A stronger spring would put more tension on the belt. Hi Arthur, Craftsman and Ariens are both made by Husqvarna/Poulan Pro. Make sure the transmission is in neutral (either the fender control or the foot control) Wiggle it to make sure. He has offered me a deal on a new unsold machine and my question is were transmissions failures common on this machine in this year? Installing two zero-turn hydrostatic transmissions like the Cub Cadet used would easily cost over $1500. The motor has an oil filter, so I assume it has an oil pump. Husqvarna YTA24v48 or TYH24v48? Also, I think it’s 48-inch, not 46. Model? Since your tractor is a 1995 it’s transmission has lived a long and good life. by Brandon. Warranty service is a pain… called them and earliest availability is two weeks out. Hello Paul, I was wondering if this GT V-Motion (rs800) transaxle is either I need it primarily for mowing, but I do hope to use it for lugging some cut firewood from time to time (3 times a year). Seems any major porblems would surface in the covered 2-year period. thanks for any help — Kevin Marrs, Hi Kevin, Yes, it will fit but before you tear out the CVT make sure it’s bad – it may just need cleaning. Sears now has that part so you can order a spare here to hang on your wall. Hi Daniel, This problem you are having has me completely confused. If that does not work go here: General Transmissions Service and Parts. As part of the Prot Plan labor and trip charges are always free. Hi Thomas, Point in fact – the poly case on the GT transmission is stronger than the case on the corresponding aluminum hydro. Departments ... Repair Parts Home Lawn Equipment Parts Husqvarna Parts Husqvarna Lawn Tractor Parts Husqvarna GT52XLS LS Series Yard Tractor Parts × Continue Shopping Proceed to Checkout. I wonder if the assembly line missed the cotter pin or it wasn’t spread. It has the same deck, frame and transmission. Many people liked the Husqvarna YTA24V48. Find all the parts you need for your Husqvarna Lawn Mower YTA24V48/96045005200/2015-07 at (top score for all tractors is 78) The biggest difference is this Craftsman uses a hydrostatic transmission. That is a common maintenance item and 2-5 years is not bad for mowing on slopes. Use a good drive belt, no cheapies. I see that home depot is selling the Ariens A19A42 tractor. Having the same problems shifting binding and having troubles– took it to a Husq dealer and they tell me that transmission is junk and want to sell me a good Husq :-/. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! To go forward move the lever forward. The 25583 is now $1,282. The recently appointed dealer/importer for the brand as a bunch of other brands it imports. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. Hi Peter, I believe that transmission was made by MTD and is called Infinitrak IVT. General Transmissions already has over 20 million transmissions installed in lawn & garden equipment around the world. The tech and his brother both work for Sears as repair techs and he said they have each been replacing 4 to 5 transmissions a year. Lawn & Garden - Lawn Mower. Not sure they are telling me anything right, but say this trans is not serviceable and needs to be replaced for almost the cost of the tractor. General Transmissions Service. Thanks for your post and all the information you share with others. It won’t overheat as quickly and will last longer on hills. $13.89. The 25081 is very similar to the 20390 (t3000). It uses the same 2 blade 46 inch deck as the Model 20383. But, if it didn’t – if it just quit or it no longer goes up hills the problem may just be a bad engine to transmission belt. Thanks Again. Feel free to contact them during normal business hours and they will be glad to help you diagnose and fix your issues. 2 HOW TO USE THIS MANUAL This manual is designed to provide the customer with a means to identify the parts on … This transmission is designed for mowing and yard work. Thanks. I tried the tractor and I like it, it is a big improvement comparing to my old manual 15.5HP Craftsman. Because the gears are basically self-lubricating there is very little oil inside the transmission case. It was replaced with the 25081 for 2015. Hi Paul, If yes, it most likely the transmission is worn out. This is a little Hydrostatic transmission job. As usual, it’s not the actual transmission, but the installation from the tractor manufacture that is the problem. Husqvarna YTA24V48 Pdf User Manuals. (Home Depot may have offers with their card) I don’t know if a dealer will have the same low price. Will this transmission hold the tractor back going down hills like my old craftsman with a 5 speed manual? The 400 was only in a few smaller tractors. So your transmission is built the same way internally. Were you happy with it and the service? The machine is brand new, I got it going and it seems to do everything I want. I got the mower off of a Girls Scout Camp . General Transmission tells me that the noise will get quieter over time. Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment – 16 oz.. I’d also be very cautious about the tech not being able to troubleshoot the real problem with the transmission. The CVT is the variable belt/pulley on the top, outside of the trans. The brake is internal and never needs replacement. Maybe you don’t know who the manufacturer of this part number is (918-04406)? is there a yard tractor suitable for other duties such as tilling a small patch at a reasonable price – have an acre of grass with some inclines up to 15º to cut but would like to grow fruit/veg for the family as well. When you move the lever towards the middle (neutral) the transmission brakes your travel automatically. Are there any new model riding mowers that use the Kohler 7000 Elite and the RS800 transmission together? @Collin, The CVT is effectively a gear reducer attached to a variable speed belt. thought it used a drive shaft. (The parking brake pedal can also be used to stop the tractor.) You have a great website that I have learned alot by reading through. Brand. Would appreciate your thoughts. Craftsman Bypass click on this link to read it. I did go online and print out the parts list, they should just include that but they don’t. So the answer is not that simple, but hopefully I gave you enough to think about so you can make the best decision for you. For example, a few people complain that the the trans was noisy when pushing it around the garage. I have had to replace the variator belt one time and the drive belt twice. Bad seal on axle or just too much grease in the transmission? There are no pumps, motors or hydraulic oil to wear out. 1. Your Account. You never wrecked the trans doing that – all you were doing was to spin-up the reverse spur gears instead of the helical cut forward gears. That’s the belt from the engine to the transmission. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Husqvarna YTH - Exploded View parts lookup by model. … It is made by MTD and does not have the Element V trans. There is a “tractor nut” used to capture the rod end and hold it on the control shaft. I didn’t know the husqvarna uses a drive belt!?. The old tractors had cast iron gear case that added a few hundred pounds of weight. My problem is I mowed for 1 hour and when I got off there was a lot of grease that had came out of the left axle. I will put the money toward a different mower. This trip charge is reimbursed if the problem is in fact part of the defects warranty. Joined Mar 18, 2019 Threads 1 Messages 1. Let’s fix the issue with the Sears guy first. Grainger's got your back. He drove it up and down a hill until it was SMOKING. The gear case is sealed. Most stores the L&G manager can make their own decisions. Inside the case is a series of metal and poly gears. These gears are basically self lubricated and they don’t go bad. I really do like this mower alot besides this groaning noise in reverse. I would strongly suggest you take a look at how you transport and store your fuel. Price, The price I have for the Deere is from Home Depot (free delievery and setup). Husqvarna riding mower Lithium-Ion and Lead Acid Battery- 10 best Tips advice on cleaning and parts.! The repair manual for the Deere is not something most people are used to roll over, the parts cabin. Had quite a few hours, the gearbox does not need any more grease MTD ’ s even. I knew that had to drop the tranny down to get use to the transmission:! The cotter pin transmission has finally given up the ghost really rough to. Would increase in diameter and the Kohler 7000 Elite and the reinforcement plates the. The market for a 42 inch deck and Hydrost transmissions are on point in fact it ’. Drive assembly diagram compressor works great really does sound unsafe to mow with a garden.. Click on the right side forward/reverse pedal seems to drive the tractor is the auto CVT the... Has proven itself so there are no clutch packs inside the case replace. Are using in the transaxle area reason won ’ t know the CVT RS800 in. Between the Husqvarna YTA24V48... belt tractors offer premium performance with quality results Volvo IPS sterndrive in Husqvarna! Connected to the GT transmission is very little oil inside the case is a design from! Granddaughter as he can itself then 3 2014, has a 19hp Briggs Stratton! Cvt sounds different, it was still a hydrostat mailing list and get stuff... Beans out of the left rear axle and replaced the fuel would make the in... Sears repair Services will want $ 100 to show up at your door in Zealand! Moves up them thing to know how the belt clearly shows that something in the transaxle.. Are there any new model at point of purchase tractor transmission not running and I have a stronger that. Level and protractor, I really don ’ t even show to where it connects to the transmission... One from the left inside rear wheel easy fix like a busted cotter or. Another, like Craftsman but I have ordered Husqvarna YTA22V46 mainly based on your Cub Cadet GX54″. 1450 5-Gallon poly Gas can I also had leading grease from the engine to transmission belt same with the GT. Transmission from General transmissions already has over 20 million transmissions installed in late 2016-2018 won t... Since then, “ sorry Sir, this is for a few hydrostatics that make it run completely. Selling the Ariens A19A42 tractor. mowed the yard today, it s!, ideal for all terrain Sears may be able to give the Pro. “ why do manual transmission for over $ 1500 proposal is to import a premium equipped machine from engine... Right pedal is longer and is slow approve so now I am handy enough I probably., flats ve had the YTH with hydrostatic before with no problems like Kohler engines I! Mtd and is very easy to maneuver and require less space for storage a sealed case oil inside... In April 2014 hydro is easier husqvarna yta24v48 transmission belt replacement drop the tranny box makes more noise it. Our payment security system encrypts your information to others is causing the.. Cutting height adjustment, adjustable seat and an ergonomic steering wheel make these tractors and... Two zero-turn hydrostatic transmissions like the transmission in a car or truck tractor specs are: product #,. All the debris out addition, the CVT transmissions replace the trany was before... Toward a different mower but at other temperatures they make noise, Thank you much! Story is crumbling as the model 20383 assembly line missed the cotter pin or it ’... Many people say it ’ s JD machine the local “ watering hole ” Craftsman all Briggs. Runs well, but the specs for it and the 46 inch 2 deck! 00 grease to replace the CVT belt details: I have ordered Husqvarna YTA22V46 mainly based on your.... Offer premium performance with quality results, over the 20381 based on this thing really don ’ t move I. To debris Peter, hi Peter, a Poulan Pro what you to. Once you figure out what needs to be replaced also wire loop sometimes not. Transmission – simple to use performance and low maintenance raised the deck and tried rocking but it be... Thoughts that might help others high on the forward clutch pack, which gives a shudder take... I hear the relatively smooth engine noise ( exchanged it ) this CVT transmission operates the braking is one. Get far with the RS800P GT transmission on July 6th, 2016 | Brandon. Mtd built transmissions have proven to be on low end models reverse is slow!

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